Wedding To Do List Template

Real enough, weddings are anticipated to be frilly and fussy. For hassle-free progress in your wedding arrangements, do rely on a wedding to do list which ticks every single product off as done!

Since there are such many things to do prior to your big day, you’ll definitely require a wedding to do list. This checklist covers anything from the absolute most fundamental categories of things-to-do right down to the littlest details under each category. Particularly, this consists of anything from arrangements in the place, guest record, invites, bridal attire, menu, real arrangement, accommodation, and transportation. If it were only all for you to decide, the one and only thing you wouldn’t mess with would end up being the wedding day it self.

When talking particularly about wedding day, it is important that the date and period of time be finalized if you desire to proceed with anything composed on the wedding to do list. When the date happens to be set, all your valuable plans will follow in movement.

For example, a year or therefore before the wedding, you can expect to assist select a motif for it. It follows that this determines the dimensions, place, and formality of your wedding celebration. Since early as after that, you certainly will currently have to talk to the clergyman concerned regarding ceremony or church needs. Whenever feasible, you should already reserve the chapel and guide the reception in order to satisfy your ideal location.

Make sure you remember that quarter to half a year before the wedding, you need to currently have finalized your guest list and invitations, enough to be in a position to send out “conserve the date” notices. These will inform and remind your attendees.

The foot note is that a wedding to do list can be a genuine life-saver. It saves you and your sanity from most of the many possible hassles that are included with the hustle and bustle of wedding products. The end outcome is which you are blessedly spared from the problems of things that haven’t been done and the heartaches of those which should have been done.


There are many things to do on your big day. You will definitely required a wedding to do list. This will help you to do your task more efficiently. This template is created by using Ms excel. While using this you can mention here information about dinner and reception arrangement, list of guests, phone, email etc. This is free and editable and here you can download it free.


Here it is wedding checklist template which has been established by using MS excel. While using this template you can make plans prior to wedding day. Here you can mention your activities/plans like 9 to 12 months prior to wedding day and 6 to 9 month prior. Use it free and edit it according to your need. Download this template from the link.


While using this template you can make a guest list for your wedding. First determine whom you wish to invite, Next find out if they have any dietary restriction and if they can come. It is a MS excel format. This includes name, address, email address, notes etc. You can use this template in printed or as well as in hard form. We provided a link to download it free.



With the help of this wedding planner template you can make a complete guest list with guest’s name, address, phone number, status, children attending etc. This template organised with the help of MS excel. It is very easy to use this template, press in the column and type. From the link we provided below you can download it.



Using this wedding to do list template you can record your wedding activities. You can share this wedding list with your fiance and anyone else that is helping you with your wedding planning to get information. This document is created by using MS excel. We prepare a link to download it free.




This article is prepared by using MS excel. This includes some key elements like groom name, bridal name, day, month, year, important information such as officiant, reception music, alcohol, salon etc. This is free and printable. Use is after downloading free from the link. Make easy to plan a perfect celebration.





A wedding to do list template for lever bride. If you enter the guest detail on this sheet, this will be copied into the other worksheet. This contains some general information such as name, street, city, relation etc. A free and very useful and attractive template for you. Download this printable template from the link. It helps you to plan a stress free path for the arrangements of your wedding. This is a MS word format.



Wedding photo checklist template use for pre-ceremony preparation. You can introduce here bride hairstyle, bride makeup, wedding dress, bridesmaids hair and makeup etc. MS word format is use to create this article. MS word enables you to edit it as you want. By using the link we provided below you can download it.



Let me introduce a wedding timeline checklist template. This template helps you to design an ideal timetable of twelve months. These boxes can also help you to check off tasks as you complete them. You can also mention here activities schedule such as 9 to 12 months prior and 6 to 9 months prior. Download this wedding to do list template free.



This is a perfect wedding to do list template. This article is prepare with the help of MS excel. While using this template you can create your very own order or the day and keep ever step organised  with our wedding to do list template. The basic information you can mention here is time, step, location etc. This is free and you can download it from the link.

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