11 Free Wedding Guest List Templates

Here are 11 Free Wedding Guest List Templates for you to download quickly.

When you think about all the things you have to get, the dimensions of your guest list can make or break the bank. Your location, the catering and perhaps the price of your cake is perhaps all according to how what number of individuals you’re looking at inviting. By way of example, the typical size of wedding guests is around 75 to 150 people and a lot of typical, sensibly listed reception venues might only have the capacity to accommodate up to 150 folks. After that, you either need to begin shopping for more costly venues or lowering your head matter if you are set on having your reception at that establishment.

The way you would you like to give your friends and relatives is largely dictated by the price per guest and in case you will need to stay inside of your spending plan, you might probably have to double check your visitor record to make sure you can feed them all or once more, lessen the list if you’re set on a selected menu. All of this creates a challenge in developing your wedding guest list because you wouldn’t like to forget about any integral guests or offer in to your impulse to ask and pay for nonessential guests. Now if your parents are footing the costs and they desire to ask hundreds of guests, 1 / 2 of which may very well maybe not even know, there can be small can help you about it.

But presuming you’re on a cost plan plus the range of friends is your decision, here are some strategies for building, managing and cutting your wedding visitor list. If you are permitting your single friends to deliver a guest, then count two for almost any one solitary visitor on your record. Include your record to your moms and dads’ visitor lists, if they’ve offered all of them, and you might end up with an instead lengthy record. Today if you’re in your allowance range, you’re great to go. You don’t have to-do anything else except deliver all of them an invite and watch for the reactions to come in. If you are exceeding just what you’ve allowed for in your wedding budget, after that it’s time to reduce the list right back.

One way for this will be make two lists – the A record therefore the B List, your a listing is the must-invite guest list while the B list comprises of the names of individuals that you can invite if any Tier A guests decrease their particular invitation. The A record should be crucial and close family people and close buddies of this bride and groom; the B list may be extended household, peers along with other friends. As you begin receiving the RSVPs right back from the a listing, if any of all of them have gracefully declined, you are able to immediately send away invites towards the folks on your B record.

Another way to help keep your visitor record controllable will be think about not inviting those prolonged family people you’re not truly shut with, that maybe you just see as soon as a 12 months at a family reunion but hardly any other time. You may even more trim along the size of the visitor record by excluding those buddies who have actually become much more of everyday associates during the last year. Instead of putting these folks from the visitor record, merely send them a great statement card following the wedding service announcing your union.


its a printable wedding guest list template which has been created on MS excel.This wedding guest list chart can be use to make a proper list of guests, their phone, fax, address etc.You can use this chart to plan your function loke on dinner and reception:

  •   cost per person
  • total invite
  • total attending
  • total cost

Here you can download it.


its a free wedding list template that has been designed in MS excel.Here firstly you have to determine the guest whom you invited or not and their dietary restrictions.

After this you can write the name, address, number of children, email etc that will helpful to make management and plannings.Here a download option you can download it free.



Here is another wedding guest list format. This one also created in MS excel. Here in this template a pink highlight are which shows that the column match to the glosite.com guest management tool. This website make easy to copy and past guest list. Anyhow general information like first name , last name, email etc will be write in columns.

here a link to download this template.


This worksheet is design in MS excel.you can make a guest list by entering the name, email, status etc on the template. it is free and printable and easy to use. you can download it very easily.


This wedding list template design has been created in MS excel you can mention the name of you guest, address, city, status on it.it is free and printable.

Here you can download from the link.


it is planning wedding list template. this design is made in MS excel. Here you can record your total budget use during wedding. you can also record reception location, music, honeymoon, etc on this template.

Here a link to download this free and printable template.



Here is another wedding guest list template. in this worksheet you can take record of guests by entering their name, address, phone, RSVP etc. An example is provided in this template that how you can enter the record which make it easy to use and understand.you can also download it here.



A fillable wedding guest list template which is drafted in MS excel. you can write the first name, last name, address, telephone etc on the template.Make a budget and be honest how many guest you can afford easily.This is free and can download from the link provided below.



It has been designed in MS excel.it is another wedding guest list tracker of MR and Mrs smith. Guest name, phone number, address can be mention on the template. you can download this beautiful and colourful template by clicking the link.


Here is another wedding guest list chart which build up in MS world.you can mention the name, complete address, relationship etc on it.

By clicking on download option you can download this free and printable template.