41 Free Shipping Label Templates

Here are 41 Free Shipping Label Templates in MS Word format to help you design and print your shipping address labels. Several of these Shipping labels are compatible with Avery 8160 and 5160. It is perfectly suitable for people looking for the quickest way to print and use Shipping Labels.

A delivery label in essence relates to a label this is certainly attached to a delivery container and includes information like the contents, destination, and dealing with guidelines for the delivery container. Shipping labels are most commonly used by logistics companies, shipping companies, makers, and vendors that need to frequently send consignments from 1 destination to another other. Such a label should additionally feature the title, address, and contact numbers of the transmitter. Several industries have pre-determined guidelines about the layout, size, placement, and contents of these a label.

Today, a source string management system is partial without the utilization of a suitable shipping label. These labels are required to be attached towards the main container as well as the internal packages to be able to make sure the delivery and evaluation procedure progresses effortlessly. This range of labels is usually produced in volume to be able to help the day-to-day dispatch of products and delivery containers.

Free Shipping Label Templates

Shipping Label Template 01
Size: 32kb
Shipping Label Template 02
Size: 70 KB
Shipping Label Template 03
Size: 102 KB
Shipping Label Template 04
Size: 103 KB
Shipping Label Template 05
Size: 54 KB
Shipping Label Template 06
Size: 55 KB
Shipping Label Template 07
Size: 38 KB
Shipping Label Template 08
Size: 37 KB
Shipping Label Template 09
Size: 60 KB
Shipping Label Template 10
Size: 20 KB
Shipping Label Template 11
Size: 508 KB
Shipping Label Template 12
Size: 14 KB
Shipping Label Template 13
Size: 16 KB
Shipping Label Template 14
Size: 21 KB
Shipping Label Template 15
Size: 36 KB
Shipping Label Template 16
Size: 38 KB
Shipping Label Template 17
Size: 279 KB
Shipping Label Template 18
Size: 354 KB
Shipping Label Template 19
Size: 318 Kb
Shipping Label Template 20
Size: 289 KB
Shipping Label Template 21
Size: 75 KB
Shipping Label Template 22
Size: 103 KB
Shipping Label Template 23
Size: 50 KB
Shipping Label Template 24
Size: 48 KB
Shipping Label Template 25
Size: 17 KB
Shipping Label Template 26
Size: 246 KB
Shipping Label Template 27
Size: 44 KB
Shipping Label Template 28
Size: 36 KB
Shipping Label Template 29
Size: 60 KB
Shipping Label Template 30
Size: 31 KB
Shipping Label Template 31
Size: 176 KB
Shipping Label Template 32
Size: 85 KB
Shipping Label Template 33
Size: 340 KB
Shipping Label Template 34
Size: 289 KB
Shipping Label Template 35
Shipping Label Template 36
Size: 334 KB
Shipping Label Template 37
Size: 623 KB
Shipping Label Template 38
Size: 835 KB
Shipping Label Template 39
Size: 92 KB
Shipping Label Template 40
Size: 12 KB
Shipping Label Template 41
Size: 12 KB

Check out standard items that you must know while buying shipping labels:

  • You could choose empty labels or colored labels. Blank labels come with an adhesive well as are perforated. They may be printed at your center utilizing a frequent laser printer.
  • The colored labels usually function the logo design of the business or any various other details such as the address and contact details. These labels feature a little space exactly where in actuality the target of this receiver can be imprinted at your workplace or facility.
  • There are several choices concerning the color options for such labels. By way of example, you might have anyplace between 1 to 7 spot colors or a 4-color label
  • There is a perforation between every person’s label to ensure that these labels can quickly be separated in simply a pull.
  • The absolute many generally utilized label dimensions in this group would be 4″X3″ or 5″X3″. However, custom dimensions can certainly be meant to order.
  • Such labels can be printed on both, moves and sheets depending on your tastes and program.
  • Such labels can be either matte or have a glossy finish. They can additionally be UV coated for much better clarity and protection during delivery.
  • You can additionally request your delivery labels printer to integrate club rules on these labels to allow simple monitoring of consignments.

While they’re just a couple of details, there are lots of various other guidelines that your particular label printing firm would notify you about. After you have explained your exact program in detail, the publishing firm will suggest the greatest set down, materials, and size for the delivery labels. It is important to pick a firm that can provide you with high-quality printing services therefore as to retain the stability of the labels through the whole shipping and management procedure.

Shipping Label Templates and Their Advantages

An identification label that is sent on an envelope or a package to formally acknowledge the contents of a shipment or package is known as a shipping label. The main aim of a shipping label is not only to identify the contents of delivery so that it can safely get back to the sender or cargo company but also to avoid going to waste. This leads to many companies putting in place guidelines and rules about how to use the labels. However, some companies forget to make changes in their procedures or do not update themselves on the latest market trends. This results in some goods getting lost during transit which results in losses for the company.

To avoid wasting time or money on unnecessary transactions, shipping label templates have been created and made readily available by various shipping companies and freight forwarding agents. These templates enable any company to create shipping labels of their own choice, even if they are not good with printing. Moreover, they help the shipping company to monitor and trace parcels.

Some common items that appear in shipping labels include the name of the sender, recipient, date of shipment, bill of lading, the signature of the sender, value of the shipment, tracking number, and others. These templates make it easier for clients to print the proper shipping labels to accompany their shipments and parcels. It is also a convenient system especially for small businesses to ensure the accuracy and security of their shipments. Even when using templates supplied by the shipping company, one can make personal changes to the items that are written on the templates. It has been seen that sometimes using the company’s template helps in tracking down the exact shipment details.

Many online companies offering shipping label templates offer these free of cost, which can be downloaded and used. These templates may be used to create customized labels according to individual needs. There are no limitations as far as the customization is concerned, such that one can add graphics or photos of their choice. One can even add their company logo and website URL.

There are two categories of shipping label templates available on the web. One is the blank address label template that can be loaded onto a computer and used to print the appropriate label. The second category is the custom address label template that can be loaded onto the computer and customized by changing the type of label and other options like color and message. One can save the custom label template in many types of formats such as Microsoft Word, PDF (Portable Document Format), HTML (hypertext markup language), and others.

Online companies selling shipping labels also offer free printable templates. These free templates provide a good option if one needs to print a few labels for a short period. These can be printed in bulk and given away as promotional gifts. They are very useful if you have to send out lots of small packages to clients or customers. Free online templates are also a good option if one wants to start an import/export business that involves shipping goods internationally.