11 Free Sample Authorization Letters

Keep in mind that an authorization letter is actually a formal letter of giving authority to someone else and let him use the same rights and obligations that you did. Usually we classify authorization letters in two basic types; general authority letter and specific authority letter.

A general authorization letter is granted to let a person use all rights and obligations without any restrictions or boundaries where on the other hand, a specific authorization letter allows the person to use specific rights and it also keeps him go outside the authentication limits.

It is not necessary but most authentication letters also include a validation date after which, the letter won’t valid anymore. As a step ahead these days, authorization letters also include a picture or identity proof of the authorized person.

Sample Authorization Letters

January 13, 2014

The manager
Citizens Commercial Bank
Main branch, Head office
Main Boulevard, New York

Subject: Authority letter for Elisa Smith

To whomsoever it many concern,

I, the undersigned, have been a customer of your bank from 9 years since April 2005 when I opened a current account in your bank and from that time, I am operating this account regularly. The details of my account are attached with the letter for review of the authority person.

Up until now, I was the only owner and user of this account but from time to time I felt the need of sharing this account with my spouse so that even if I am not in town, she can operate it and deal with my financial deals. But, unfortunately, your bank didn’t have the option of sharing a same account with more than one person and as soon I heard about this update in your rules and regulations, I instantly decided to allow my wife to operate my account either I am in town or out of station for business purposes.

I hereby authorize Elisa Smith, my wife, to operate my account in the bank with all the permissions of depositing and withdrawing of money as often as she wants. I also want to mention that the bank doesn’t need to have my permission for any kind of either small or huge transactions and I fully authorize my wife, Elisa Smith to operate the account.

In order to authenticate the process, I have attached the proof of identity to show my legal relationship with Elisa Smith and to go through the authorization process smoothly. I talked to one of your customer care representative 2 days ago and after knowing everything about the authorization process, I have provided all the documents and necessary letters. However, if there is anything missing, I am here to help you out and you can contact me on my Email address provided in my account details.

At the end, I just want to mention that I go on business trips usually 4-5 times a month and there is an upcoming trip in next week. So, I will really appreciate if you process my application as soon as possible so that even if I am out of town, the authorization process is completed as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Jordan Smith


Following are downloadable Authorization Letters to assist you in preparing your own resume. You can also download free Sample Letters here to explore more choices.

This template set up in PDF format. It is authorization letter template use to collect passport on behalf.its a general authorization letter with some limitations. you will write the details of the agent such as agent name, representative name and their contact details. you will also mention the name and signature of applicant. Here you can download this free and printable template.


it is a sample authorization letter to act on behalf which has been  organize in PDf  format, thus this template use to collect sealed envelope on behalf. Here someone can mention the name of agent, name of agency, staff name(who will receive the envelope) and representative name and i’d number.it is easy to use and fillable and can download by pressing download option.



Here is another template which which has been created in PDF file.it is a sample letter of authorization giving permission to Juile Devis( medical person) to take decisions and give treatment to his patient Lilly Clark. Here you can introduce the name of persons (who is giving permission and doctor name) .This authorization letter template include a validity date after which the letter would’t anymore.Here this free template can be download.



This document design in Microsoft world.The template represents that it relate to some company which hangout its air import shipment to NAX (H>K) limited.on this permission authorization letter template you have to introduce the details of person in charge department, company name, and company chop.you can download this printable template here.



Here for you a personal authorization letter template which is build up in Microsoft world.It is a specific authorization letter that gives permission to someone to use all the rights.while describing this template a person or recipient giving permission to his sister to use his bank account without any restriction. some of the details of bank, manager and recipient will be write on this template.you can download it for personal use here.



Here we go again to introduce a authorization letter template to collect certificate.this can b use to authorize a person to collect medical records and related information. A sample write down in this template where Annabelle lee giving permission to her doctor Miss Melissa to record her medical conditions.name of patient, address and other relevant details can be taken by using this template. Doc details will also be taken.A link has been provided to download this template.


Here i would like to introduce an authorized letter template which is generated in MS world.this letter is written by Micheal Richard to Miss Tabitha Johnson to take over the authority of claiming information and relevant documents in his new property assets.Documents will be attested and require to accept the authority.This sample authorization latter can be download here.


it is a personal sample authorization letter template which is a Microsoft world format.sender name, address and zip code and also recipient name, address and zip code will be write down according to the structure develop in this template.Here you can download it.


Here is another sample letter template make it easy, to understand and use this template. This pattern has been created in Ms world.A structure is develop in this template to write an authorized letter.Therefore you have to mention the recipient name, sender name, and some basic information. It is free and printable and can be download here.



This structure has been made in Microsoft world as a sample authorized letter template.Here you have to mark down the sender name, recipient name, and their details.A daughter is authorized to take part in company meetings on her father behalf.

Here you will find a link to download this template.