11 Free Memo Templates

Download these 11 Free Memo Templates in MS Word format to help you prepare your own Office Memo quickly and with perfection. You can also checkout our collection of Employee Task List Templates to meet your day to day official challenges.

If you are working in a company or organization with lots of departments inside then you might have seen several Memo being floating here and there. Such documents are very important to communicate key information to a small community officially. All these Free Memo Templates are helpful in such situation to create a professional and official memo. Usually it contains To, From, Date, Subject, Body and Attendee’s information. But you can add more fields if you want. Adding one or two extra Fields to a Memo is perfectly fine.

Business Memo Format Tips:

Here are some general tips to draft your memo for official or private use,

  • Write your subject of the memo, based on the topic, near the top of the note pad.
  • Figure out the target audience meant for your memo. Eradicate the list individuals who don’t want the details or aren’t aware of the data you’re going to deliver.
  • Bullet point the fundamental details you are attempting to share. Use as much bullets as you need, however keep within the unique subject theme.
  • Compose your conclusion phrase that goes over all the planned information for your readers.
  • Compose or type your memo, composing it in the backwards style: Opt-in list the conclusion phrase first, pursued by summary sentences before the final outcome driven in the conclusion phrase.
  • Mark the conclusion of your memo with your name.

Office Memo Templates

Here is a good looking professional Office Memo. When do you need a Memo for office corresponding then this Office Memo can help you. This word template is very simple yet professional specially in paper environment where staff members are used to get everything in printed paper.

Put together the heading of your memo. Flush still left, it ought to include 4, single-spaced traces which include: “Date:”, “To:”, “From:” and also “Subject:” Following “From:” consist of your title and your subject inside the business to give your memo the authority and trustworthiness of its requirements to interact the eye of workers.

Write not more than 3 single-spaced sentences concerning the improvement alteration or occasion inside your business, double-spacing in between paragraphs. Get straight to the purpose and immerse your visitors in the starting. Your memo can be much more casual in tone than the usual company letter; however it ought to not be wordy.

TRY to be preventive of the concerns the staff may have, but understand that simply because of the inherently short character of a memo, you can’t probably deal with them all.

For this purpose, it is frequently a great concept to dedicate the 3rd sentence of a memo to articulating, “Should you have any kind of concerns concerning this (improvement, alterations or occasion), make sure you don’t wait to get in touch with me at (your workplace telephone number).”

Business Memo Templates

Do you need to print Business Memo? Here is a Business Memo Template that can assist you in this very task of drafting a professional looking business memo. Business Memos are usually used in a Business Environment within a small company or department to communicate a business news or announcement. By using Memo as a template, all official communications can be recorded for future use or reference purpose.

Conversation is important in between companies and workers. Efficient conversation can figure out an employee’s fulfillment with his occupation and in the end impact his retention in an organization. A memorandum, or “memo” for brief, is an efficient way to move messages to workers in a succinct method. Memos have turn out to be a schedule component of company writing. Nevertheless, in accordance to “Entrepreneur,” badly worded memos can price businesses 1000’s of bucks in squandered time. So, just how can you steer clear of creating the error of indecisiveness in your memo? The solution is to put together a top level view of your ideas prior to you write your memo.

Figure out the concept you want to impart — and just one concept. Then determine the related audience for this concept. It might be workers all through your business or it could be individuals who work in just one or two departments.

Cash Memo Templates

The meaning of cash memo is actually a document which a vendor gives to the purchaser in the course of a certain buying of services or goods. This is the same as a bill and it is only used to keep track of purchases which are paid out for using cash, instead of traditional bank transactions or checks.

Most of the individuals in current markets usually forget to take a cash memo after purchasing lots of goods, and when the dispute arises we do realize that how important this document is. Since the several issues can come up like the warranty, services and after sales services regarding the traded goods, but all these are allowed to take place when the buyer has a cash memo in his records. First you have to make sure that whether the vendor has mentioned all that facilities in memo (which usually printed) he is offering to his buyers, if not then jot down all that services in memo and get a sign of the vendor on that along with the purchasing transaction amount, date and time.

In order to avoid any dispute you must be familiar with the trading reputation of the particular vendor. If he is providing the cash memo along with all his selling goods then this is going to be a calm trust that you have a proof what you have purchased for such big amount of money and if you will face any problem with the goods then cash memo will guide you to get your claim from the vendor in case of warranty or price difference in the market.

Purchase date: It is important since the date of your order enables the deal to be placed into the right month of your company financial records.

Info on products or services presented for sale: This demonstrates the quantity of products purchased, or the services offered, in order that the amounts can easily be monitored later on.

Cost of products sold: The buying price of specific goods is incorporated on the cash memo. There are also sub-totals by the grand totals of the identical product, and also the closing total of the purchase that was held.

Company name/title and address of vendor; This is certainly important that the budget of the organization may be checked later on, which enables those to audit the company accounts in order to cross-references of the 2 companies, and can be sure that the couple of companies have used the cash sale/purchase from their records.

Title and address of purchaser: As with the above mentioned factor, this is important to references the business deal, if this is necessary. The cash memo is known as a legitimate record, in the same manner that an invoice is. The one main difference could be that the cash memo is made for any financial transaction which is paid for in cash. A sales receipt can also be used in this way, however, many organizations believe it is much easier to discern between cash sales and the ones paid for at some future date.

Deal Memo Template (Job Contract)

Deal Memos are classified as the term that third party companies use for job contracts. Considering that the term “contract” indicates something under legal standing meticulous and binding, the word “memo” is commonly used to propose a contract somewhat less conventional. Don’t let yourself be fooled; your Deal Memo is your commitment and it is binding. However a Deal Memo is your job contract that declares what you’re being employed to do; what is important to get paid; conditions of occupation; and misc. points.

Your memo must evidently point out exactly who the boss is. If it’s a legitimate, long-standing development company-that is fine. However, if the name of the employer is the title of any film; then be expecting that the company should close down its business once and for all on the final working day of shooting! Find the actual name of the company, which includes genuine address (authenticate it) as well as SS number. If your employer denies his/her actual name or even address, then be careful!

Sad to say, a number of job opportunities could be in critical risk if we anxiously waited to get started till the full-blown deal geared up. I can also teach you ways to get the most crucial details together in one place within a few moments. In cases like this, it’s deal memo for perceptive possessions – a job description that can make both customer as well as the company comfortable enough to start working.

In my opinion, what often happens too is the fact that a customer and adviser discuss about a venture and then say, let’s come up with something which shows the way we may do the job together. In a different case, a couple of equal partners, wanting to make something special in their correlations, should first try to figure out the facts of how the partnership will work.

What are the results generally in these scenarios, individuals make an effort to collect a lot of detailed information. What is required actually, the basic principles to ensure that both sides can proceed with confidence that critical parts are covered. The idea is that the business handles everything else before the contract is prepared. Right after that once the deal is in a position, the details about the deal memo, conveniently fits into an agreement – include targeted timetable dates saddled with payments, and then you’re ready to go.

It’s still ample to send out and sign to signify that we agree with key factors and original work can start. The crew can discuss about strategies, people who may want to be called and hired, various other sources and employment issues, when we’re exercising the important points of a project opportunity and pitch, and challenges like the method to handle electronic rights, then it is going to be very easy for them to maintain the ventures.


It is a sample memo template of ABC technical INC created in MS world.Conversations are important between companies and workers thus this template use as a business memo template.General information i e name of receiver, name of sender, date, problem, solution etc can be introduce here.you can download it here.



Here i am going to introduce a office memo template .It is a MS world memo template and very simple yet professional specially in paper work where need everything in a printed foam.It include date, to, from subjects and details.you will write to the point message on it.Here a link provided to use this template.




Its is a sample of subject memo template which is drafted in MS world.This is memo template use for some professional writing situations, including writing memos to your instructor for class assignment.remark to, from, date and subject on it.a brief introductory paragraph will also be write so that the reader can examine and describes main points or course of actions.A link is provided below to download this free and printable template.




Here we go again introduce a sample memo template used by the Chloe’s cupcake’s bakery that is build up in MS world.4 single spaced traces which include subject, to, from and date.Here in this introductory paragraph all the details about the flavours, nutrients, and product details introduce briefly.This is free and printable and can be download here.



I would like to introduce another sample business template which is drafted in MS world.This memo template expresses that it is written by the manager of George gate to his employees.Here in introductory paragraph the manager briefly explain for his workers that the company has been shifted from one to another place.Like other template it also includes to,from.subject and date.Here you can download it free.



let me introduce you another sample memo template which made in MS world.its a business memo template written by the administrator of school to the staff for wellness policy implementation.Here a paragraph where all the basic information for the purpose of wellness policy of implantation introduce very briefly. it also include to, from,date and subject.This free and changeable template can be download here.


This is a blank memo template use for multiple purposes and designed in MS world.this template also include some basics like to, from, date and subject.An introductory paragraph will also be write here.This is free and printable and can be download here very easily.



Here another blank memo template use in many  purposes and designed in MS world.this template also include some basics like to, from, date and subject.Here a content message where you can figure out the concept.This is free and printable.you can save it in your computer for use by downloading it.



Again another memo template which has been prepared in MS world.it also include date, to ,from and re.Re could mean reference or regarding, both mean the same.it shows the person/company whose the memo is addressed. This free printable template can be download here.



let me introduce another sample memo template made in MS world.A structure in develop to make a useful business memo template use by any company or person.to, from, date, re also mention on the template.Here also a method introduce to use this template.This can be download here easily.