Medical Certificate Templates

If you want not to get your work life troubled by some unexpected medical absence, you must use Medical Certificate. No doubt the Medical Certificate becomes an authentic piece of document for your absence from work or study and you can return to your work or school with confidence. Medical Certificates can be used to cover so many unexpected situations of medical absence. These certificates are helpful to simplify the process of record keeping for someone who is dealing with various medical conditions of employees or students. At the same time, doctors use these certificates to streamline their processes as well. There can be diverse kind of Medical Certificate design trends to suit someone’s particular needs.

In a too often situation, patients are left without giving any clear understanding of the conditions stated on the prescriptions, treatments, or  proper medial instructions as the doctor notes are either illegibly written or unclear in meaning. It usually leaves the patients unable to understand the expectation of their medical welfare or communicate their medical needs to their teacher or employer in case of medical absence. Only an ideally written or focused Medical Certificate can get your purpose.

There are so many conditions where Medical Certificate can be big savior for you. While playing sports at school or club, if you get some injury, presenting a Medical Certificate quickly helps you find out the solution and adopt the corrective actions. If you have some kind of illness or poor health conditions making you unable to attend school or office, getting Medical Certificate with a treatment plan clearly defined on it can get you big favor. In case of sudden seasonal infection attack when you need to live away from other students or employees, Medical Certificate can define better when you can return back to school or work again.

In other situations of sudden misfortune like a road accident or various injuries, Medical Certificate saves an employee from serious penalties of long absence from work. Moreover, Medical Certificates can be designed for maternity leave, family leave, or sick leave, etc. Such kind of certificate documents are usually simple and very professional in design and look as they are just to fulfill the needs of medical absence recovery not to present a piece of art. Its fields and title totally depend on the purpose it is designed for.

Medical Certificate design trends usually target the field nature of doctors. Usually medical practitioners write these certificates manually on their letterheads or stamped notepads. However some doctors keep a customized design template of Medical Certificate to present to their patients. If you are in this profession and often you need to write a doctor certificate, it’s somewhat good to download a ready-to-use, customizable and printable template that fulfills all your needs or at least it has good scope to be changed according to your needs. You can simply search or order the design of your choice from the comfort of your clinic and the download to take out printed copies. Design, text, images and color should all be smooth and present the circumstances it is created for.


We would like to introduce a medical certificate template which is created by using PDF. Medical certificates are of great significance for many reasons. Students and employees use these document to survive in many cases. while using this template you can mention here signature of the applicant, station, date, medical officer signature etc. This is free and here you can download it.



Here is another format for medical certificate. This template is use as a medical certificate use at the time of admission in the college. Here you can mention the name of candidate, category, father name, age, sex etc. Here you will mention the medical condition of the candidate in detail. This is free and you can download it free. It is a PDF format.



An employee can use this medical certificate template as evidence to proof of their absence from work, its an PDF format doctor medical certificate. Here you can mention the name of employee, photo, date of birth, gender, category, religion, home office name, employee office detail etc. This is free and printable. You can use it in soft as well as in hard form. A link has been provided to download it.



It is a MS word format. There are number of times in your daily life you need to use medical certificate for various purposes.This medical certificate template used by the employees for the maternity leave. Here you can mention the personal details of the employee, date from to, time period etc. This is free and here you can download it. A medical certificate will be attached to this template.



Here it is medical certificate sample letter which is created by using MS word. Medical certificate forms can be used not just by company employees but almost all individuals who need to have medical clearance like students and drivers who need them to assure the organization he’s working. This is free and printable. By using the download option you can download it.



Here it is a fill medical certificate template, download blank or editable online, also you can use it in printed form. It is created by MS word. Here you can mention the name, date, nationality, place of birth, martial status, illness name, issue date, signature of doc and stamp of clinic etc. This is free and fill-able and you can use it after download it.



Here is another design of medical certificate created by using MS word. This template can be used as medical certificate format for students or employees from doctor. While using this template you can mention some key information such as name, nationality, age, illness etc. This is editable and you can edit it as you want. A link has been provided to download it.



This medical certificate template is used by Geumgang University for their students. It is a MS word format. Here you can mention the name, sex, date of birth, eyes, blood, urine, doctor name, institution etc. A medical certificate is a written statement from a physician or a clinician. This is free and while using the link you can download it.




This medical certificate template use by the employee who is or will be absent due to some medical illness including pregnancy. Here you can write the name of agency, address, contact details, employee personal information etc. This is use by CTHR created by using MS word format. Here you can download it free. A details is also mention on it which can help you.



Here is another sample of medical certificate and it is a PDF format.  You can follow this sample letter for medical leave of absence or letter for leave. While using this template you can created your own template. This is free and printable and you can download it very easily.