39 Free Lesson Plan Templates

Download these 39 Free Lesson Plan Templates to guide you as to how to prepare your Lesson Plan quickly. Such Lesson Planning is crucial if you have to achieve some targets. This template is very useful for teachers to plan their weekly lessons for one or more classes. This lesson plan template should be used by every teacher to organize his teaching activities before the start of a week. The color shading will help the owner of this template to highlight particular days or classes as per their importance or uniqueness.

Planning from a business point of view is more important than planning at the domestic level. If you have done planning to be successful, you will have a perfect estimation of pitfalls that may come in the way of the success of your business. If you have not done proper planning, your business could be mired in these pitfalls and never get out of them. For the smooth going of your business, planning is crucial to take your business to heights of success. Similarly, goal setting is such a task that requires proper planning to go ahead. Once you have set your goals, it will help you determine the track of your business where it stands each day. Planning for goal setting and success, both are vital to your business.

If it summarizes what advantages are of planning, it can be concluded:

  • Proper planning is a great way to lessen stress as it gives calm of mind by knowing that one has formulated a feasible plan of action
  • Planning helps to be prepared for obstructions
  • It also helps evaluate progress

For the completion of any kind of goal, planning cannot be put aside. If you are not ready to plan before going ahead, you might fail to attain your goals smoothly and effectively and may waste your time attaining unimportant goals that might not be important to be successful.

Free Lesson Plan Templates

Here are 39 free Lesson Plan Templates to help you out.

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Education has many aphorisms, marvelous words of wisdom, and sincere guidance from numerous sources but the best and most effective teachers are the heart of the education system and good thinkers and planners. The success of teachers demands commitment, diligence, and practice particularly of skills related to planning their lessons. Lesson planning is the description of teachers working in the classroom; developing a format for a lesson plan is a core skill for teachers. A Quality Lesson Plan can ensure a steady stream of teaching juice transferred to students in a systemic way.

Following mistakes are often observed while writing lesson plans.

  • Lesson objectives are not specified obviously in the plan i.e. it does not provide a straightforward announcement of the achievement goals of the lesson that what ability could be observed in students after the completion of the lesson.
  • Assessment tools and activities do not match the teaching materials and objectives specified in the objective statement. It is just an account of how the teacher will conclude that teaching goals are accomplished, so it should be purposeful.
  • Preconditions or previous knowledge of learner is ignored while planning and both become apart from each other. This lack of connection reduces the learning; students must have the basic knowledge for proceeding to accomplish the lesson goals.
  • Lesson plan is less efficient due to lack of suitable instructions regarding the level of the proposed learner. Efficiency means producing more with less effort or it can be said that with the same effort the more learner percentage should be there and instructional efficiency is the key factor in effective lesson planning.
  • The learning activities stated in the plan do not compatible with the lesson objectives and do not contribute to effective learning. Students should not merely engage in the classroom for the sake of keeping them busy but every activity must add to the accomplishment of learning goals.
  • To assess the achievement of students you must have to define a firm grading scale that will create an exact figure about the accomplishment of learning goals.
  • Some students in the class may have an extreme lack of interest in the lesson, so the lesson plan should be interesting and all the possible efforts must be made to carry the interest of students. A boring and dry lecture will divert students from the topic. Different learning media can be added to the lesson plan to make it interesting and more effective.
  • As learners learn in different ways such as by hearing, seeing and doing, so in teaching all these styles must be inculcated in teaching, for instance, repeating the contents many times, writing notes or key points and along with that plan manual activities for students so that all the senses get stimulated and engaged in learning.
  • While setting teaching goals make sure goals are realistic and suitable for apprentices’ level. It also must be kept in mind students can not master the complicated concept in a single attempt. So complex concepts must be broken into simpler ones or presented in parts for the learners’ convenience.
  • Planning too much or too little is another common mistake, time management is an important factor in lesson planning. Do not include too many contents that can not be completed in the allowed duration and not too less which leaves the students idle in class.

Universal Lesson Plan Templates – A Great Way to Plan Your Lessons

Lesson Plan Templates are a very important resource for instructors of all levels of experience. Teaching is an art and it takes time to master the art of educating others. For this reason, it is important to have a ready-made outline or “blueprint” of what you wish your students to accomplish once they enter your classroom. The Lesson Plan template is simply a blank lesson plan for which you can assign responsibilities and tasks to your students.

The main purpose of a lesson plan template is to define the main topics that your students must learn in the order in which they are intended to be taught. Lesson plan templates can be extremely helpful in this regard. The Lesson Plan template enables you to design a plan of action for your students and you do not need to spend additional time creating the exact content. When you create a Lesson Plan in this manner, you are also able to make changes to the Lesson Plan whenever you desire.

Lesson plan templates provide you with a great deal of flexibility. In the art lesson plan example below, we have divided the text and pictures/ diagrams on the lesson plan into blocks. Each block corresponds to a specific lesson, so the lesson objectives will directly follow the topic of that block of text. The student will then know exactly what they need to accomplish for the lesson they are currently enrolled in. When they see that the topic of their block of text corresponds to an objective, they will know exactly what they need to do to reach that goal. They will know exactly what they need to study to reach that goal.

Lesson plan templates also allow you to tailor the lesson objectives to the age of your students. You can choose whether or not you wish to teach math to those younger than your students. You may want to teach other subjects as well. Lesson plans can also be custom-made based on the needs of your school system. This allows you to meet the needs of your students and your curriculum.

Lesson plan templates offer a great deal of flexibility for teachers. Students benefit from having a set time each day to complete their assignments and to learn their lessons. In many instances, teachers eliminate the need for the daily commute to class. Many college students and high school students have benefited from using one of the many universal lesson plan templates for high school or college students.

There are a wide variety of lesson plan templates available on the internet. If you wish to get more information on the topic, you can search for “lesson plan templates” on Google. There is no limit to the amount of free lesson plan templates that you can find online. Just be sure that the ones you find are of good quality and that they are easy to use.