7 Free Income Statement Templates

Here are 7 Free Income Statement Templates for you to download and study before finalizing your own Income Statement.

If you’re going to make investments in the stock exchange, then you’ll need to comprehend standard financial terms, like multi-step as well as single-step cash flow statements, balance sheet, statement of income, and so on. This can help you make some wise investment strategies.

Every single company retains its income statement. It’s generally a financial statement of the business, which records the entire functionality of the business when it comes to income and expenses over a certain accounting period. Your income statement consists of the financial operation of the business, which indicates the outcome of working and non-operating actions on the profits and expenditures. May you also like this collection Budget Spreadsheet Template.

Income Statement Template Google Sheets

Various businesses have distinct sales cycles, usually, a monetary quarter or even a financial year is known as an ordinary accounting phase. Your income statement can easily be managed in 2 types, multi-step report and single-step report. A single-step income statement indicates the total income and total expenses of the business, while, the multi-step report keeps a separate balance of functional income and business investment from non-operating income, non-operating expenses, other earnings, and deficits.

Rather than a simple step report, multiple statements consist of several subtractions while figuring out the net profits of the business. The step-by-step numerical breakdown also provides a comprehensive understanding of various parts of the business that require more consideration, like taxation, interest rates, or net income, and so on.

The multi-step statement test of your business can assist you in fully grasp its financial transactions in detail, so you can assume whether you need to put money into that business. A multi-step statement consists of the gross income or post-tax profit of the firm. It is possible to review total profit to the last year’s total revenue, as well as to other businesses in the same marketplace for a better strategy. An organization with a growing rate of growth can be well suited for your investment funds.

Here are the formulas to calculate the income statement:

  • Gross Profit = [Net Sales – Cost of Goods Sold]
  • Operating Income = [Gross Profit – Operating Expenses]
  • Net Income = [Operating Income + Non-Operating Income]

Free Income Statement Templates

Checkout these Free Income Statement Templates to assist you in creating your own Income Statement.

Free Income Statement Templates

This template has been created in PDF format. It is a projected income statement template. Here you can make a full record of your investment in the business in detail. Here you have to mention the time, sales, equal cost of goods sale, expenses, total expenses in detail. This can be used for small businesses and can be download here.



Free Income Statement Template 02

This income statement template indicates the total income and total expenses of the business. It has been created in MS word. This template contains company name, time period, currency, total expenses, etc on it. A link has been provided to download it.



Free Income Statement Template 03

Here i would like to introduce a monthly income statement template which has been designed in MS excel. Here you can make a monthly report of your business income. For this purpose, you can mark sales, sales returns, net sales, salaries and wedges, net income, etc. You can download this free and printable template here.




Free Income Statement Template 04

It is a personal income statement template made in MS excel format. This template is designed for some private and small businesses. Here you can make a detailed record of total income. Basic information such as revenue, purchase returns, cost of returns, gross profit, administration cost etc. Here you can download it by pressing the download button.



Free Income Statement Template 05

Here I am going to introduce another Free Income Statement Template google sheet which is created in MS word. Here you can write some basic information such as company name, time period, date, expenses detail, net income, etc. Here you can download it easily.



Free Income Statement Templates

Here it is a sample of the yearly income statement template which has been created in MS excel. You can mention years, sales, gross income, adjusted net income, earning per share etc on this template. It is free and printable and can be download here.



Free Income Statement Template 07

This template is used to make a comparative income statement where you can make a comparison between two months or years of net income. It has been designed in MS excel. Key information i e gross sale, net sale, returns, operating expenses, etc can be mentioned here. It is free and printable and can download here.



Your operational earnings of the business can also be stated in the statement, which signifies the net income gained by the business through its major actions, like selling and buying services or goods. Your net income in the report is defined as whether positive or negative. If your amount is unfavorable, this implies the net losses in case the total amount is favorable, it shows net income. While in the turmoil between multi-steps versus single step, the later one usually seems to lose, since it doesn’t give complex details.

There isn’t any deliberating truth that an income statement is a quite significant doc whether you’re a salaried person or an entrepreneur. And there is usually a set layout to carry out things like these because it helps other folks to know the document far better. This is a format to streamline the job of planning an income statement.