10 Business Proposal Templates

Starting from the very beginning about the Business Proposal Format & Key Elements, business proposal needs to be very specific to your business requirements and main objectives. Though every business needs a business proposal outline, every business does not need carefully crafted full formal notes and descriptions depending on their types. Choosing elements of a business proposal can make or break your chances of securing a new client. A cleverly crafted business proposal can snag even bad business. Whereas, a poor one can make you lose out even with excellent services.  In this particular platform, we have also introduced some more effective and easy to editable business planning checklist templates.

How should I write an effective business proposal

 It depends a lot on your industry and whether you are offering a product or a service. Business proposals are used in two ways. If a client puts out a request for your proposal of a service or product, it is called a solicited proposal. In such proposals, the client has already decided to make business with your company for a specific product or service, so they are easier to sell. Such proposals are issued in response to a request to business proposal letter. On the other hand, if you approach a client to make business with them, though they had not requested the proposal, it is called the unsolicited proposal. In such proposals, usually, you have to describe most or main of your business products or services.

Business Proposal Guidelines

You need to know modern trends about Business Proposal Format & Key Elements so that you can win the business form potential clients. Mainly there are a few elements that must be a part of your business proposal example.

  1. Include information about your company like who you are, what you are, qualification, and how you are different from other competitors.
  2. Include demonstrated knowledge or solution of the problem by showing your focus and research about the client needs.
  3. Include prices and policies of your company work by describing how you are going to solve client’s problem and how much it will cost them.

A little internet research can take you through a lot of business proposal template word files, but the main structure remains up to your business or industry. So there are different uses of business proposal depending on client needs.

Keeping in mind the above mentioned points:

  • Start your Business Proposal Format & Key Elements with a title page design. It will hold company name, contact information, company logo, client name and contact detail, proposal date, and proposal title.
  • Now introduce yourself by adding a cover letter including brief background information about company and how you are better and different from other competitors. Encourage your reader in a friendly way to ask you question and make business with you, and close your letter with a thankful note and signature.
  • You must include table of content unless you are going to make a very, very brief, business proposal outline. It defines what your client should expect to read in the document ahead without navigating through multiple pages.
  • Now, it comes to the most essential section of Business Proposal Format & Key Elements that makes sense of the proposal – the executive summary. This part holds all about why you are sending it, why should client read it, what your company is offering, identification of client’s problem, and many other relevant information and engaging.
  • In the proposal section, suggest the solution to the client’s problem, anticipated timeframe to get the outcome of the project.
  • At the end, include a pricing table to identify each product or service price you have offered in Business Proposal Format & Key Elements. Don’t try to overestimate or scare your potential client off with too high prices – at the same time, don’t underestimate the price down the line.
  • Close you document adding terms and conditions of business proposal that will set all the legal terms of the project to avoid any disputes.

Free Project Proposal Template


You need to know the modern trends in the business proposal format. Here we bring a template for you for the same purpose. It is a sample business proposal template word. While using this template you can find a way that how a business proposal template can be made. A procedure is to write here to make a business proposal template. It is free and here you can download it.




Every business need a business proposal outline, how to write a business proposal letter depends a lot on your industry and whether you are offering a product or a service. Here I am going to introduce a free business proposal template word doc where you can mention the name of your company, project title, project start, and ending date etc. A link has been provided to download it.

Business Proposal Template Word


The business proposal basically is a commercial activity to introduce your business. This template is created by using MS word. While using this template you can create your own business proposal template. This includes activity duration( activity start and end date), activity summary( nature of business, formation of a group, operations etc), any additional documentation can be attached to this template. Here you can download it.



If you are working in a bank and you need to make a business loan proposal then you are on the right track because here we bring a business loan proposal template. It is a sample loan proposal that is created by using MS word. Here you will not find exact wording but at least it will give an idea to make a load proposal template. Here you can download it.


University Project Proposal Example

Here is another business proposal template word doc. It is free and editable and you can make changes according to your requirements. This includes organization name, date, company logo, project name etc. A link has been provided to download it.


Software Project Proposal Template


If you want an effective company proposal these Company Proposal Templates that we offer can help you. These are created by using MS word. It includes project starting and ending date, email, name of company, contact name etc. By using the link you can download it.



If you want an effective company business proposal template. It has been designed in MS word.  This colorful proposal is easy to editable template. While using this template you can add here the name of the company, the logo of the company, prepared by, date etc. Here you can download this printable template.




Proposals can largely contribute to the operation of small businesses or companies. This business plan proposal sample is for a start-up company and created by using MS word.  Here you can write the name of company, proposal, address, city etc. This free template can download here.


Blank Business Proposal Template

It is a free project proposal template designed by using MS word. While using this template you can add here some basic information such as company name, address, proposal submitted to, job name etc. It is free and editable and here you can download it.



This Business Proposal Template contains all the elements necessary to craft your company’s story. It is created by using MS format. Here you can mention the name of company, project title, contact number etc. By pressing the link you can download it free.