Free Statement Of Need Template

This statement of need is a formal document that explains a particular problem a community has, how you encountered it, and thought of it as a real problem, how you want to solve it, how much time it will take you and how much money you need to complete the project. All of these and many other elements in a statement of need make up a formal and official document in which you ask for money and convince the funder to approve your grant proposal.

What is a statement of need?

Purpose and uses of statement of need:

Why do you think so many of the grant proposals are rejected every year? Have you thought of the reason how one of your colleagues gets his grants approved every time while you struggle for approval of your first grant? There is almost nothing in the world that doesn’t cost money and this fact is also true for non-for profit organizations and research projects as well. Whether you have a small local shelter home where you keep old and wounded animals or you run a global charity organization that helps decrease illiteracy in third world countries, you need money to perform and achieve your objectives. If it’s a non-for profit organization, it means it doesn’t make any profit and you might need to reach to potential funders and rich people and convince them to donate money to you cause. The same goes for research programs and projects where people realize a community has a certain problem and they think of a smart solution to overcome that problem but they need money for their research so they approach a funder and ask for grant money. This is usually done with a statement of need. As well as if you want to more exploration of any type of statement you can visit here and grab these  Free Income Statement Templates.

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How to write a proposal statement?

Here is below some useful tips on creating a statement of need that can assist you in a better way to create a professional needs statement and management plan.

  1. Focus on the real-time problem:
    Keep in mind that the basic and core objective of a statement of need is to discuss and explain a problem that a community is having. This problem can be visible and in knowledge of everyone or you can be the first one to understand that it’s actually a problem and it should be solved. What you understood about the problem is what you need to discuss in the statement of need. It’s possible that only you think it’s a problem and you might need to explain it further for the funder to fully understand it and feel convinced.
  2. Share your understanding about solution:
    Once you have discussed and explained the problem that a community or general public is having, you need to move to the next part where you discuss your understanding of how the problem can be solved and what is the method to fill the gap that a community has in order to live a better life. Mentioning a problem is not the key to a successful grant approval but a good solution is what makes a funder fund a project or research.
  3. Use a simple and basic language:
    Some people find it funny that a highly educated research scholar has to ask for grant money or research funding to a person who doesn’t even know what the project is about. Yes it’s a little amusing but it’s the reality that when you approach potential funders, most of them are not familiar with your line of work and some of them won’t be able to fully understand what you are trying to achieve and how you plan to achieve it. This is why you should use a very simple and basic language in the statement of need.
  4. Talk about the urgency:
    It’s not that all researches and projects are very urgent but some of them are actually very crucial to start right away. If this is the case with your project, you should talk about it in the statement of need because the funder might take some time to review your proposal and it can take anywhere between a week to a few months of time. If you discuss the urgency of the problem that you are trying to solve, you might get your funding sooner.
  5. Match the project to the funder’s objectives:
    One of the key reasons that most of grant applications are rejected is because the researcher or scholar didn’t approach the right funder. If you are conducting research on molecular biology, you need to approach a funder who has some experience in this area so he can understand the project and its significance. If you approach a mathematician, he won’t be able to fully understand your project let alone convinced to approve your grant.

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